Product Liability Insurance

Product liability insurance protects you in the event your product causes harm to a user or their property. A product is defined as anything that is tangible, used, touched, or consumed. Product Liability is recommended and often requires for businesses that manufactures a product or puts their label on a product.  It is paramount for companies that produce clothing, toys, electronics, or consumables like food.  Any product that can conceivably cause harm to someone or their property should carry product liability if they want to be protected from a potential loss.

If you currently have a liability policy it is important to check if it covers products. Many liability policies will specifically exclude products. The cost for a products liability policy is based of the potential risk of your product and the gross sales during the policy term.  If you have further questions call Bluehill Insurance and speak with one of our agents that specializes in products.  You can also fill out an application online so we can get you quotes.


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